SilentEye 0.4.1
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SilentEye Namespace Reference

SilentEye application GUI. More...


class  AboutDialog
 Display information about SilentEye (author, copyright, ...) More...
class  Controller
 Manage HTTP proxy and application path (singleton) More...
class  DecodeDialog
 Dialog for generic decoding process. More...
class  EncodeDialog
 Dialog for generic encoding process. More...
class  MainWindow
 The main window of SilentEye. More...
class  MediaWidget
 Manage media view into main window. More...
class  ModuleManager
 Load and manage SilentEye's Plug-ins. More...
class  OptionDialog
 Mother class for encode and decode dialog. More...
class  PreferenceDialog
 Preference/configuration dialog. More...
class  PropertyDialog
 Show current media properties. More...
class  UpdateDialog
 Check for new version of SilentEye (HTTP) More...


m_logger setClassName ("DecodeDialog")
this setWindowTitle ("Decode message")
this setWindowIcon (QPixmap(QString::fromUtf8(":/icons/img/decode.png")))
okButton setText ("Decode")
iconLabel setPixmap (QPixmap(QString::fromUtf8(":/icons/img/decode.png")))
msgLabel setText ("Decoded message")
fileNameLabel setText ("")
fileButton setEnabled (false)
fileRemoveButton setVisible (false)
compressCheckBox setText ("Compressed data")
cryptoCheckBox setText ("Encrypted data")
msgTextEdit setReadOnly (true)
 updateDialogSize ()
 connect (fileButton, SIGNAL(clicked(bool)), this, SLOT(selectFile()))
m_logger setClassName ("EncodeDialog")
this setWindowTitle ("Encode message")
this setWindowIcon (QPixmap(QString::fromUtf8(":/icons/img/encode.png")))
okButton setText ("Encode")
iconLabel setPixmap (QPixmap(QString::fromUtf8(":/icons/img/encode.png")))
msgLabel setText ("Write a message or select a file to hide.")
 connect (fileButton, SIGNAL(pressed()), this, SLOT(selectFile()))


 m_checkSize = false

Detailed Description

SilentEye application GUI.

Function Documentation

SilentEye::connect ( fileButton  ,
SIGNAL(clicked(bool))  ,
this  ,
SilentEye::connect ( fileButton  ,
SIGNAL(pressed())  ,
this  ,
m_logger SilentEye::setClassName ( "DecodeDialog"  )
m_logger SilentEye::setClassName ( "EncodeDialog"  )
fileButton SilentEye::setEnabled ( false  )
iconLabel SilentEye::setPixmap ( QPixmap(QString::fromUtf8(":/icons/img/decode.png"))  )
iconLabel SilentEye::setPixmap ( QPixmap(QString::fromUtf8(":/icons/img/encode.png"))  )
msgTextEdit SilentEye::setReadOnly ( true  )
fileNameLabel SilentEye::setText ( ""  )
compressCheckBox SilentEye::setText ( "Compressed data"  )
okButton SilentEye::setText ( "Decode"  )
cryptoCheckBox SilentEye::setText ( "Encrypted data"  )
msgLabel SilentEye::setText ( "Write a message or select a file to hide."  )
msgLabel SilentEye::setText ( "Decoded message"  )
okButton SilentEye::setText ( "Encode"  )
orLabel SilentEye::setVisible ( false  )
this SilentEye::setWindowIcon ( QPixmap(QString::fromUtf8(":/icons/img/encode.png"))  )
this SilentEye::setWindowIcon ( QPixmap(QString::fromUtf8(":/icons/img/decode.png"))  )
this SilentEye::setWindowTitle ( "Decode message"  )
this SilentEye::setWindowTitle ( "Encode message"  )
SilentEye::updateDialogSize ( )

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 29 of file decodedialog.cpp.

Definition at line 31 of file decodedialog.cpp.