SilentEye 0.4.1

Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
SilentEye::AboutDialogDisplay information about SilentEye (author, copyright, ...)
SilentEyeFramework::AudioGeneric representation of audio which can load and hide specific data according to it's format
SEFormatWAV::AudioWavRepresentation of .wav file (WAVE PCM soundfile format)
SilentEyeFramework::ConfigManage configuration for application (read/write in xml file)
SilentEye::ControllerManage HTTP proxy and application path (singleton)
SilentEyeFramework::CryptoModuleInterfaceCommon interface for cryptography plug-ins
SilentEyeFramework::DataData encapsulation
SilentEye::DecodeDialogDialog for generic decoding process
SilentEyeFramework::EncodedDataEncodedData is a data manager used to read information bit per bit
SilentEye::EncodeDialogDialog for generic encoding process
SilentEyeFramework::FormatModuleInterfaceCommon interface for media format plug-ins
SEFormatJPEG::GroupedImageThis class reprensents the image where pixels are grouped in square blocs
SilentEyeFramework::ImageGeneric representation of image which can load and hide specific data according to it's format
SEFormatJPEG::ImageJPEGJPEG image representation
SilentEyeFramework::ImageModuleInterfaceCommon interface for image format plug-ins
SilentEyeFramework::LoggerProvides methods for multi-level logging into logfile and console
SilentEye::MainWindowThe main window of SilentEye
SilentEyeFramework::MediaGeneric representation of Media which can load and hide specific data according to it's format
SilentEye::MediaWidgetManage media view into main window
SilentEyeFramework::ModuleExceptionException used by all SilentEye's plug-in
SilentEyeFramework::ModuleInterfaceCommon interface for all SilentEye's plug-in
SilentEye::ModuleManagerLoad and manage SilentEye's Plug-ins
SilentEye::OptionDialogMother class for encode and decode dialog
SEFormatJPEG::OptionWidgetWidget given to SilentEye main application in order to configure plugin
SEFormatJPEG::PixelGroupThe pixel group wich represent a block. (8x8 in the Jpeg format)
SilentEye::PreferenceDialogPreference/configuration dialog
SilentEye::PropertyDialogShow current media properties
SEFormatBMP::SEFormatBmpOfficial module for support of BMP image (using LSB)
SEFormatJPEG::SEFormatJpegOfficial module for support of JPEG image (using LSB)
SEFormatWAV::SEFormatWavOfficial module for support of WAVE/PCM sound (using LSB)
SilentEyeFramework::SilentEyeExceptionInternal exception only used by SilentEyeFramework
SEFormatJPEG::StegoTableManage the K stegano tables and the index table
SilentEye::UpdateDialogCheck for new version of SilentEye (HTTP)
SilentEyeFramework::VideoGeneric representation of video which can load and hide specific data according to it's format
SilentEyeFramework::VideoModuleInterfaceCommon interface for video format plug-ins
SEFormatJPEG::YCbCrManage the YCbCr value for a color corresponding to a pixel (Y: luminance, Cb: blue difference, Cr: red difference)