How can i run SilentEye from command line? (batch mode)

1. Requirements

Batch mode is only available from version 0.4.3 of SilentEye. (source here on branch 0.4)

You can change encode and decode options by editing the following files :
  • silenteye.conf
  • seformatbmp.conf
  • seformatjpeg.conf
  • seformatwav.conf
Configuration files can be found into user's home or SilentEye directory

2. Examples


./silenteye --batch encode ./myfile.png --message "my secret message"
./silenteye --batch encode ./myfile.png --message_file ./message.txt

output format and directory depends on silenteye.conf


./silenteye --batch encode ./myfile.png --message "my secret message" --password "my password"